January 2nd

High performance paints market new release

Renner Coatings, a synonym for excellence in products, technology, quality, social responsibility and concern for the environment, is launching a new option of products based on polyurea in the Brazilian and Chilean markets.

A major technological innovation, polyurea consists of the chemical reaction of the aromatic or aliphatic isocyanate with a super reactive amine.

Its advantages:

• Rapid curing (maximum of 1 minute, without the need for catalysis);

• Insensitivity to moisture;

• Mechanical and chemical resistance;

• Application under all weather conditions;

• Can be applied on wet substrates (rapid reaction);

• Release the area in a reduced time after its application.

Examples of applications:

Pools, dispensing the use of mortar and tile. Concrete stands of football stadiums, roofs, dams, nuclear power plants, concrete roads, viaducts, ports, dams, artificial lagoons, tunnels, pickup trucks, protection against the action of salt water in marine machinery and ship decks, floors of cold rooms and containment in dams are examples of application of polyurea.

This new technology is available starting today, 2017/02/01.

Contact your sales agent and place your order.

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