June 19th

90 years of history and tradition!

The Renner Herrmann S.A. Group completed this June 18, 2017, 90 years of existence.
With its roots based on ethics and innovation, the group achieved a feat nowadays not usual in the Brazilian market; Overcoming decades, economic crises and government regimes in an unscathed way is not for anyone.
Working in 5 different market segments, the horse group reaches the leadership in the most diverse markets where it operates, either in the production of paints and varnishes for wood and for the industrial line - which requires high performance - as in the transformation of whey in powder.

Renner coatings
Division of the Renner Herrmann S.A. group focused on high performance solutions for the Protective, Performance, Marine and Decorative Coatings businesses. It has factories in Brazil and Chile.

Renner Sayerlack
He dedicates his work in the development of products and processes of painting to treat, protect, enhance and beautify this substrate in its infinite uses. It has factories in all continents.

Metalgraphic Renner
Production of resistant and innovative metal packaging. Today it operates in several segments, from the food industry to chemistry.

Flosul Woods
Start of operation as a forester. Over the years, it began to invest in the management of its own forest reserve, mainly cultivating eucalyptus species, especially Eucalyptus Grandis.

Relat Dairy Products
It benefits the whey liquid, transforming it into powder. The product is used in the manufacture of foods for humans and animals.


Congratulations Renner Herrmann,
Celebrating 90 years of tradition and solidity with the enthusiasm and restlessness of a start up!