September 1st

Renner Coatings, a socially responsible company

Renner Coatings, in partnership with the FAS (Foundation for Social Action), an entity managed by Curitiba City Hall, promoted the 2017 Warm Clothing Campaign.

During one month, the company's employees made their donations and collected men's, women's and children's pieces.

FAS collected the donations, then the sorting and then the distribution of the pieces to people in situations of vulnerability or of street in the surroundings of the factory plant, in the Industrial City of Curitiba.

The institution has two bodies, CRAS (Centers of Reference to Social Assistance) and CREAS (Centers of Reference Specialized Social Assistance).

Its objectives are:

CRAS: units for the implementation of Basic Social Protection services for the population in situations of social vulnerability, in articulation with the social assistance network.

Services offered to the Family:

Service of Protection and Integral Assistance to the Family - PAIF, Service of Coexistence and Strengthening of Links, Service of Basic Social Protection in the Domicile for People with Disabilities and Elderly.

CREAS: these are special social protection services units (medium complexity), for the care of families and individuals in situations of personal and social risk.

Social risk

Being at personal and social risk means having the rights violated, or being in a situation of contingency (disabled person or elderly person needing specialized care). Normally, people at social risk are still living with their families.

In CREAS are attended:

Children, adolescents and families who are victims of domestic and / or intrafamily violence;

Adolescents in compliance with socio-educational measures in the open environment (Assisted Freedom and Community Service);

Women and the elderly, victims of domestic / intrafamily violence;

Families and individuals in street situations.

Anyone can be served by one of the aforementioned centers, just contact the Social Action Foundation through the website: or by phone 156.