A pioneer in launching environmentally-friendly products on the market, Renner Coatings has interacted with environmental demands for at least two decades.
It facilitated to the market the REVRAN ECO lines, that are amine epoxy coatings free of organic solvents; OXIBOND DHS, dual function mastic epoxy and REVCHEM NVC, the latest generation of organic solvent-free Novolac epoxy coating, available in single layer, which offers various advantages for the customer, as well as reducing waste and costs, such as:
• Pigmentation free of heavy metals, aspect that reduces the emissions of contaminants, causing less environmental impact;
• Versatility of application, as they accept lower grades of substrate preparation, without compromising the life expectancy of the painting system.

See Renner Coatings brochure for packaging waste, available in the Downloads session on this website.

One of the most important pillars within the company's values ​​is socio-environmental responsibility, and for that reason, Renner has the seal of a company certified by the "Eureciclo" program - in compliance with the National Solid Waste Policy (PNRS) - Law No. 12,305, of August 2, 2010 - offsetting the environmental impact of packaging and waste launched on the market.

Environmental compensation consists of correctly disposing of the mass of waste and packaging placed on the market. To understand a little more about this process and how the Reverse Logistics process at Renner works, see our Packaging Disposal Primer .

In addition, to promote engagement with recycling, the consumer can find in our Recycling Guide  which is the correct way to dispose and reuse the ink packaging that are available on the market.

Social Responsibility

Renner Coatings develops social programs aimed at quality of life, respect for the environment and social involvement.
Environmental Social Responsibility: one of the pillars of Renner Herrmann S.A. group.
Among the programs dedicated to the community are the campaigns to collect shelters, food, toys, books, etc., intended for day care centers, hospitals and nursing homes, with the objective of offering shelter to underprivileged institutions in the municipality of Curitiba-PR and surroundings.
Also attentive to its employees, the company regularly conducts specific talks for the prevention of accidents at work.